Take Back Your Lunch Breaks: Tech Stack Tips to Help You Save Time and Get Back to Marketing

Logan Mallory

Senior Manager, Web Marketing Strategy, Workfront

Just like your marketing team, Workfront’s marketers have an endless number of projects to manage. Since they have so much to do, most marketers don’t take their full lunch breaks and even put off using the bathroom because of upcoming deadlines. How do you take your time back (including time for lunch!) so you can focus on your real job and your highest priorities? How can marketers balance content, digital, SEO, lead generation, A/B testing, events, and everything else on their plates? They do it by building the right tech stack and implementing tools that allow individuals to focus on their specialty.

Learn how Workfront has aligned its marketing technology to create a marketing machine that drives organic traffic, maximizes conversion rates, and drives lead generation.

  • How to build and align a marketing technology stack that maximizes productivity, increase content engagement, and drives lead generation
  • Tips and tricks for managing time and balancing competing marketing goals
  • Why focusing on creating great content experiences delivers across the board benefits for busy marketers

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