How the Smart Take from the Strong: The SimpliVity story of turning better market visibility into competitive success with help from TechTarget

Andrea Benson

VP Demand Generation & Marketing Operations, SimpliVity Corporation

Jillian Coffin

VP, TechTarget

Whether you’re a disruptor or market leader, keeping your sights laser focused on what really moves the revenue needle is a real challenge. Like you, SimpliVity needed to differentiate their value proposition from competition already in the market, and then translate that directly into real revenue-based results. By taking advantage of TechTarget’s holistic visibility into market activity, SimpliVity intercepted and engaged prospects they otherwise couldn’t have.

Learn how SimpliVity accomplished their objectives leveraging TechTarget’s real purchase intent insight. See how, in just a year, they were able to grow their in-market purchase consideration from almost nothing to 24% and drive serious bottom line momentum.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Use intent insights to pinpoint market opportunities — before your competition sees them
  • Expand your sphere of influence beyond your “owned” channels to capture your share of available demand in the age of the empowered buyer
  • Weave B2B intent data into your marketing mix for more effective conversion rates across the funnel
  • See, find and engage in-market buyers who don’t know you or know why they should seriously consider your solutions

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