How HPE’s 17,000 Sales Reps Went Live With Seismic In 100 Days

Cathy Rowell

Sales Knowledge Management PMO Lead, HPE

Victoria Bunch

Customer Success Manager, Seismic

Hewlett Packard Enterprise wanted to do more than just give sales reps easy access to the right sales materials—they wanted their reps to start each day informed and educated about the latest product and industry news. Learn how HPE scaled down from disparate content repositories to a single system—Seismic— and how its sales reps use Seismic’s NewsCenter feature to start their day off on the right foot, giving reps a competitive edge.

HPE will also share how:

  • Seismic’s Customer Success team partnered with them to go live in 100 days
  • Their marketing team integrates Adobe Experience Manager with Seismic to seamlessly publish content
  • Mobile accessibility of content allows sales reps to spend more time selling

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