Content is great, context is better: How to elevate your sales conversations through context, coaching and guided selling

Adam Birenbaum

Sales Enablement Manager, SAVO Group

Tim McAdow

VP, Sales Operations and Marketing, CUNA Mutual Group

Despite the fact that companies today are spending an estimated $8.2M on content, sales conversations are still falling flat. Time and resources are spent focusing on getting all of that content in front of sellers, but at some point it becomes content overload. Less can be more, especially when content is delivered with coaching, guidance and the expertise of subject matter experts.

In this session learning how the sales enablement team at CUNA Mutual Group has leveraged SAVO to align key sales initiatives and processes to their buyers journey, elevating the conversations their sellers are having with future customers.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to make the shift from static content to content with context
  • Key elements to drive long term sustainable value
  • Leverage data to influence behaviors and drive effective coaching

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