AFS’s Journey to Omni-Channel Demand Powered by AI

Leslie Smith

Director of Marketing, AFS

Mark Townsend

Head of Marketing Practice, BlueWolf, an IBM Company

Marketing isn’t delivering quality leads. Sales isn’t focused on the right markets. We don’t have bandwidth to make the dramatic change we need to win. We’ve all seen the finger-pointing and it’s not pretty. After all, enterprises ultimately have the same goal, win more customers and drive more revenue.

In this session from AFS and BlueWolf, see how the power of data, predictive, and integration enabled the digital transformation of their sales and marketing organization. By relying on Radius as the anchor and BlueWolf as the captain, AFS increased lead generation and customer retention with a closed-loop ecosystem. A win, win. Learn how Radius was instrumental in bridging the gap between AFS’s Sales and Marketing organization in order to:

  • Create an intelligent, and integrated, ecosystem between CRM and MAT
  • Gain deep knowledge of TAM and customer insights
  • Amplify an omni-channel approach

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