How Infusionsoft added TAM analysis to their go-to-market strategy and significantly decreased CAC

Patrick Phelan

Director of Marketing Operations, Infusionsoft

The Demand Waterfall has long been gospel for measuring efficiency in one’s demand generation engine. This year, SiriusDecisions is emphasizing more than ever the importance of measuring the total addressable market (TAM) in order to fully understand Demand Waterfall performance. It’s no secret, understanding your ideal customer profile (ICP) and TAM is one of the first steps in taking a strategic marketing approach for any sales and marketing leader but it’s with a layer of intelligence and segmentation when defining a TAM that you are able to strike gold.

In this session, Doug Sechrist, VP of Demand Marketing at Infusionsoft, shares how he took advantage of Radius Revenue Platform to provide his marketing and sales teams the right level of confidence to go after, and ultimately win, ideal new customers. Gaining a realistic understanding of your total addressable market will help your entire organization become more targeted and effective. Learn how Infusionsoft used Radius to:

  • Identify they were only penetrating less than 1% of their total addressable market
  • Significantly decreased their CAC in less than ten months
  • Rebuild the funnel to better nurture, educate and enable net new customers

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