Add Yellowstone’s Upper and Lower Falls to Your Demand Waterfall

Niraj Swarup

Sr. VP of Products & Services, Position2

Yellowstone National Park’s famous Upper Falls and Lower Falls are breathtaking and a must see. As B2B marketers, we love and use the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall to lead our daily demand gen lives. Together, these provide an inspiration for an augmented marketing framework that Position2 uses for clients.

Attendees will learn how Position2 organizes our client’s activities into:

  • Upper Falls: The challenges of identifying and optimizing the combination of touches that actually convert suspects into a known lead.
  • Demand Waterfall: This popular Sirius Decisions model is a favorite of B2B marketers already. Prospects convert to customers as they flow through the waterfall. We will show how we use information from the Upper Falls to optimize this phase.
  • Lower Falls: The Lower falls of Yellowstone are 3 times the height of the Upper Falls. Similarly, revenue from existing customers accounts for a very significant portion of the overall revenue. Loyalty, Renewal, Customer Advocacy, and Retention programs are the critical challenges here.

Whether you are using ABM strategies or more traditional demand gen, this framework helps to organize marketing teams and their efforts in a powerful way.

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