Crossing the Chasm from AdTech to MarTech

Sajjan Kanukolanu

VP, Global Delivery, Position2

AdTech channels such as Search, Social, Display, and Syndication, along with remarketing, are mainstream in B2B today. Combining these with MarTech systems (Marketing Automation and CRM) delivers a high impact integrated solution. But, a big challenge still remains that these Ad channels operate in silos.

This presentation will show how we bridge this gap for multiple clients through cross-channel learnings between paid channels. In doing so, we will discuss examples of successful AdTech and MarTech integration. We will also share examples on how your teams should be structured to reduce or eliminate silos.

This presentation will show:

  • How cross-channel insights across the Adtech invigorate individual paid channels
  • How to identify the metrics needed to evaluate a cross-channel mix
  • How integrating AdTech and MarTech helps optimize the overall media mix
  • Key considerations for building or hiring a paid media team

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