Creating Dynamic Channel Incentives and Loyalty Programs

Claudio Ayub

VP and Chief Strategy Officer, Perks Worldwide

Sandra Glaser Cheek

Vice President Worldwide Channels, Brocade

Today’s channel no longer supports transactional incentives. Effective channel incentives today combine company-level (rebates, MDF) and individual level (rewards, Spiff) incentives, into a single behavior-based program. Channel partner incentives should be used to support and accelerate partners through their journey, from becoming partner suspects through to converting to active and productive partners. This strategic approach to channel incentives accelerates your partner’s time to revenue, and increases partner loyalty.

Key takeaways:

  • Engage partners in entirely new ways by integrating Rewards, Rebates and MDF into a single incentive framework
  • Find out how to combine individual, team, and company level incentives into a single behavioral-based strategy
  • Create a compelling partner experience to increase engagement and accelerate results
  • Find the right level of investment to optimize the sales and marketing performance of your indirect partners
  • Measure and analyze ROI with one tool across incentive types

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