How Windstream Renewed Marketing & Sales Vows Using Just Three Letters: ABM

Meredith Fuller

Managing Director, Buyer Engagement, Quarry

Have your B2B marketing and sales teams drifted apart over the years? Let’s face it, while both want to drive company growth, they’re often focused on different things, so the sizzle can sometimes fizzle. This session explores how to use predictive marketing and Account-Based Marketing to push the beds back together! We’ll unpack the essential steps, activities and technologies to seek alignment around, and share the journey of how marketers at one telco industry leader, Windstream Enterprise, successfully rolled out predictive marketing and ABM campaigns in dozens of markets to spark conversations with just the right prospects at just the right time (not to mention, earn newfound respect from sales).

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how to use an Account-based Marketing approach to bring sales & marketing closer together
  • See how a leading B2B marketer and their agency turned ABM theory into practice
  • Unpack the marketing technology stack, including predictive marketing and AI, that sits behind Windstream Enterprise’s ABM efforts

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