Samsung Case Study: Know thy Customer! Driving Deeper Customer Engagement with Purposeful Relevance

Carmel Coscia

VP Marketing & Demand Creation, Samsung

Michael McLaren

Executive Global Group Director, Merkle

The business technology landscape is changing. Most companies employ a bring-your-own-device program for smart phones, moving the purchase decision from IT directors to the actual end users. This shift presents a burning question every brand has had to ask themselves: “Who are our customers, what do they care about most and how can we best position our brand to meet their needs?” Samsung’s innovative solution incorporated psychological customer profiles, future state journey design, and a customer-centric messaging strategy that ensures each business end user’s brand experience is more relevant and optimized to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about an innovative motivation-based approach to audience segmentation
  • Understand how to design a customer journey that reacts to individuals’ behavior
  • See how Samsung prepared for every situation with dynamic playbooks

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