How a Self-Nurture Model Helped TIBCO Increase SQLs by 92%

Mervyn Alamgir

Sr. Director Marketing, TIBCO

Mark Opauszky

Chief Executive Officer, LookBookHQ

Marketers spend time and money producing content that will engage and qualify prospects at speed, but the traditional nurture model is preventing these goals from being met. The team at TIBCO was looking for a way to increase content engagement, boost conversion rates and improve funnel velocity. Partnering with LookBookHQ, they changed how their content is delivered, allowing prospects to self-nurture at their own pace.

As a result, TIBCO’s engaged prospects represent a 92% higher SQL conversion rate and 61% higher opportunity value, proving that the way content is delivered impacts the business outcome.

Join this presentation to learn:

  • The proven correlation between content bingeing and conversion rates
  • How to empower prospects with a self-nurture model that increases conversions & velocity at each funnel stage
  • How to leverage content engagement metrics to identify trends that will improve forecasting
  • Different ways you can unlock the potential that’s hiding in the content you’ve already created

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