DXC Technology Cracks the Code on Account Based Marketing & Sales Alignment

Nick Panayi

VP Global Brand, Demand & Digital Marketing, DXC Technology

Dorothea Gosling

ABM & Pursuit Marketing CoE Leader, DXC Technology

In today’s complex landscape of technology solutions and services, marketers and sellers are uniquely challenged by lengthy buying cycles, multiple stakeholders, and increased competition.

To tackle these challenges and help drive key deals, DXC Technology, a global leader in technology-enabled business solutions, developed a sophisticated approach to Account-Based Marketing by building qualified pursuit marketing teams and leveraging LinkedIn Account Targeting. They also drove unique Sales Alignment to improve their revenue impact.

In this session, DXC’s VP of Global Brand, Demand & Digital Marketing, Nick Panayi, and ABM & Pursuit Marketing CoE Leader, Dorothea Gosling, will:

  • Provide an overview of DXC’s account targeting hierarchy (Strategic Accounts and Opportunities) and how they align to Sales.
  • Discuss their Pursuit Marketing Program, which identifies strategic opportunities, builds and activates a variety of highly focused marketing and communications tactics to help close them.
  • Outline the alignment and activation plan used by DXC to launch targeted campaigns to a diverse array of decision-makers.
  • Report on DXC’s optimization process, their program’s evolution, and next steps.

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