Know who matters in your sea of data

Shai Alfandary

VP Business Development, Marketo

Angela Hunter

Manager Marketing & Sales Operations, Zuman

Building an effective lead generation strategy requires top-notch intelligence, and uncompromising quality and coverage of underlying sales and marketing data. Learn how Marketo and Zuman addressed their lead generation challenges using the Leadspace Audience Management Platform resulting in transformative business outcomes.

Marketo took a new approach by leveraging Leadspace artificial intelligence modeling to identify accounts most likely to convert into larger-than-average deals and subsequently upsell at a later date. Marketo then applied Leadspace real time data enrichment to the leads within those prioritized accounts to ensure marketing and sales had the most up-to-date, accurate data on every lead. Leads were scored, just like accounts, so reps could easily prioritize and know which to target first.

Zuman overcame their lead generation challenges using Leadspace by first by identifying which leads in their marketing database were stale and inaccurate. Using Leadspace Audience Discovery they then had the visibility to identify which accounts and people within those accounts they needed to engage with to deliver on their account based marketing strategy.

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