Streamline the Entire Content Lifecycle: Planning, Collaborating, Distributing, and Analyzing without the Chaos

Liz Gertz

VP/Leader of Marketing Operations, Dun & Bradstreet

Unifying multiple marketing teams across multiple markets to one content strategy requires some major hurdle jumping and silo breaking. Using Kapost, Dun & Bradstreet prioritized the strategies that work with ultimate visibility into the content lifecycle around strategic alignment and collaboration. Building a streamlined process for taking a piece of content from concept to well-planned strategy is just the beginning. Getting the right content to the right persona at the right time takes dedication to collaboration.

Join Liz Gertz, VP of Marketing Operations at Dun & Bradstreet to discover the digital framework that powers their content operation, the key to a strategic and collaborative marketing campaign, and how Kapost is optimizing one department at a time.

Key Takeaways:

  • How do you leverage cross-team coordination to deliver on-target and on-time messaging?
  • How do you create a content operation that can scale globally, through acquisitions and mergers, and stay agile?
  • How will a centralized content operation increase engagement and efficiency at the same time?

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