Master Top & Middle Funnel Marketing to Scale Bottom Funnel Results

Mike McMahan

Lead Generation Manager, Integrate

Manuel Rietzsch

Director, Demand & Lifecycle Marketing, Pluralsight

We’re all hearing the call for more and better leads, more sales pipeline and ultimately more revenue. So, where do we start or re-start? What tech is best? How big of a team do we need? How do we efficiently invest our budget to scale outcomes?

Whether you are years into your company’s B2B marketing journey, or just starting to get your hands dirty, taking a holistic approach to your marketing technology and processes is essential in building a revenue-accountable marketing organization. You’ll walk away from this presentation with an understanding of how to:

  • Develop a diversified top-of-funnel marketing strategy that will drive demand at scale
  • Optimize tech and processes before building out your team (this may seem backwards)
  • Align top-funnel and mid-funnel programs to increase sales pipeline

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