Improving CX with AI: Beyond the Hype

Jeff Marcoux

CMO Lead, Worldwide Enterprise Marketing, Microsoft

There’s a lot of hype surrounding CX and AI today. But the opportunity is real. Customers expect a more personalized experience when interacting with your brand. Imagine being able to understand your customers in depth and what they need and when they want it. Then arming your front-line teams to deliver great buying experiences and improved customer loyalty and retention. What‘s preventing most vendors from doing this today? As a foundation they need the most modern data and intelligence capabilities.

In this case study, learn how Microsoft is partnering with InsideView to apply deep AI-driven market intelligence through its applications to impact the different phases of its customers’ lifecycle by:

  • Predicting the best accounts and opportunities to invest in to maximize close rates
  • Enabling marketers to deliver more relevant and timely campaigns
  • Arming sales with intelligent insights to have more authentic conversations

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