Empowering Sales and Partner Productivity with Sales Enablement

Greg Munster

Sr. Director, Global Sales Productivity, Red Hat

Haley Katsman

Director, Account Development, Highspot

What if you could deploy a single solution to provide all the relevant sales and marketing content to a global sales and partner force?

Join Greg Munster, Sr. Director, Global Sales Productivity, to learn how Red Hat deployed a sales enablement solution for easy content discovery, platform integrations, and customer engagement to its global sales and partner force. Greg will explain how Red Hat reduced its content management systems from more than a dozen to a single source for effective management of more than 3,000 pieces of collateral, and best practices for a seamless rollout to a global sales and partner force.

Key takeaways:

  • How to go about procuring a sales enablement platform that meets the needs of multiple teams within your organization
  • Gaining field buy-in and validation across a large, global sales and partner force
  • How to build a sales enablement platform readiness plan using web-based training and train-the-trainer initiatives to bring all potential platform users up to speed quickly

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