Tracing the Sources of Generated Pipeline

Julia Campbell

Marketing Operations Manager, Eventbrite

“It’s hard to justify marketing activities when you have no way to show the opportunity created from those leads.” Does that sound familiar? It’s one of the main challenges in growth marketing, and one that Julia Campbell at Eventbrite sought to overcome. With leads that enter, exit, and re-enter the funnel from a myriad of sources, Eventbrite needed to understand what was working effectively by tracing lead flow and sources of generated pipeline, in a comprehensive way that was enabled by technology from Full Circle Insights.

In this session, hear how Eventbrite’s marketing team:

  • Created a foundation for measuring marketing performance for a complex funnel
  • Developed insights to see how leads contributed to pipeline
  • Used multi-touch attribution to generate a well-rounded view of pipeline effectiveness across marketing and sales activities

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