How to Lead Your Organization to Success with Account Based Marketing

Jon Miller

CEO & Co-founder, Engagio

Maria Pergolino

SVP Marketing and Sales Development, Apttus

Leading your organization takes vision, and having a vision means being on the cutting edge of the newest and hottest movements in B2B markets. It’s becoming more and more clear that Account Based strategies are the future. You must learn to orchestrate genius relevant, human connections if you want to win in today’s competitive environment. Inbound is no longer enough. “Robo-spam” is now detrimental to our outbound efforts. You must adopt the Account Based mindset and align your entire organization if you want to land bigger deals and expand existing relationships.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most important piece of your ABM strategy
  • How to develop relevant, human interaction
  • The 5 levels of account orchestration maturity
  • How to built the right tech stack for ABM
  • The critical steps to aligning sales and marketing once and for all

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