How Ricoh Optimized its Demand Generation for Growth with a Centralized Data Strategy

Erin Faust

Data Strategist, Digital Marketing, Ricoh Americas

Sean Crowley

Leader, Integrated Marketing for Sales & Marketing Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet

For nearly 80 years, Ricoh Americas has been at the forefront of workplace innovation, revolutionizing the modern office with their products and solutions. With expertise in capturing, managing and transforming information, they deliver a broad portfolio of services and technologies that help organizations innovate and grow.

Data-driven analysis and segmentation analysis provides the foundation for a targeted approach to campaign success and pipeline growth. However, fueling the pipeline with targeted audiences that promise the highest return for the organization is not for the inexperienced marketer. You need to know what you have to know what you need.

Join Erin Faust, Data Strategist for Ricoh and Sean Crowley, Leader, Integrated Marketing for Sales and Marketing Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet to understand how Erin established a centralized data strategy which optimized the execution of their multi-channel demand generation strategy to:

  • Enable content personalization across vertical markets
  • Build foundational capabilities to deliver on a sustainable data stewardship practice
  • Ensure complete and actionable marketing data across technologies
  • Increase engagement levels and decrease unsubscribes and threat risks

If you already have a perfect marketing database, this session is not for you. If not, Erin and Sean will discuss how to implement a data strategy which drives campaign success and marketing pipeline even through rapid, unpredictable change.

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