Veracode’s 5 Best Practices for Developing Content that Drives Results

Jessica Lavery

Sr. Manager, Content & Corporate Communications, Veracode

Dana Harder

VP Strategy, Content4Demand

Companies across B2B industries are in a constant search to improve their content strategies. Marketers know they need to think and operate differently to better connect with their buyers. However, many marketers still struggle to build buyer-focused content. Software company, Veracode, is here to share their secret to content success.

The Veracode marketing team modified the DevOps methodology (for software development) to create more collaborative, effective and measurable content campaigns. Join Jessica Lavery, Sr. Manager of Content & Corporate Communications, as she shares insights, metrics and best practices you can apply to your company’s approach to content development and demand generation.

In this session attendees will learn:

  • How to institute a content development methodology that fosters collaboration, efficiency and buy-in
  • How to improve content quality while also increasing visibility and usage with sales teams
  • The metrics and methods used to demonstrate the impact of content campaigns on bottom line revenue

Hedge your (case study selection) bets and join Content4Demand and Veracode for a true content marketing case study—delivered by actual content marketing practioners.

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