Video for Business – the World is Watching

Bill Marriott

Senior Director, Video Communications and New Media, SAS Institute

Linda Crowe

VP Digital Marketing Solutions, Brightcove

Over the past decade, video marketing and communication has exploded and is only accelerating its pace of growth. The lines between marketing, sales, internal communication, and training are blurring as employees have become an integral part of the customer journey.

Bill Marriott, Sr. Director of Video Communications and New Media at SAS Institute, will explain how his company is using Brightcove-powered on demand and live video in every aspect of business to align all employees with Marketing and Sales teams to meet bottom line business goals.

Topics covered will include:

  • Creating video experiences at every stage of the customer journey
  • Using video to humanize your brand for prospects, customers, and employees
  • Developing a cohesive video program across disparate teams
  • Implementing global video governance
  • Measuring video success across the enterprise

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