‘From Head to Heart:’ Sales Enablement and the Path to Mastery

Kevin Starner

VP of Sales Enablement, Iron Mountain

Six years ago, sales enablement at Iron Mountain wasn’t much more than a box of printed onboarding and product training materials. Now the company has established an efficient sales enablement function, ensuring greater consistency across sales training, content and messaging. As part of this new department, they’ve incorporated sales readiness technology, which has resulted in greater alignment across departments, allowing everyone within the organization to become ‘enablers of sales.’ Reps leverage the technology for role-based onboarding, product certifications, coaching and training on the new strategic-based selling model – all of which rolls up to broader business strategies at Iron Mountain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building a strategy for sales enablement from the ground up to support a new selling methodology
  • Reinforcing material through dynamic sales coaching
  • Boosting sales productivity through sales readiness technology that facilitates ongoing learning

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