Droppin’ Beats & Bustin’ Rhymes: An Innovative Approach to Increasing Sales Efficiency & Productivity

Christi Wall

Sales Enablement Manager, Ping Identity

Between multiple acquisitions, product updates, and a new selling methodology, sales reps at Ping Identity had a lot to keep up with. As the business changed, sales enablement needed an effective way to keep reps informed, without sacrificing selling time.

This session will explore how the company used Brainshark technology — along with hip hop beats — to provide a creative approach to communications and content management, and how sales enablement has helped make it rain at Ping Identity.

  • Sales Scoops: Increasing awareness for new sales content assets and resources
  • Less Time, More Money: Onboarding new reps quickly with scalable, online training
  • Old Habits Die Hard: Driving adoption of a new selling methodology
  • Just Keep Selling: Keeping reps updated on pertinent company/product information without cutting into productivity

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