How Red Hat is Building a Foundation for Marketing ROI

Ryan Danner

Director, Global Marketing Planning & Financials, Red Hat

If your CFO offered incremental budget, how would you decide where to spend it?

Do you know where your marketing organization is investing time and money today? Can you identify strategic gaps in order to quickly rebalance or redeploy funding? Most importantly are you on the path to understanding the ROI of your current investments to help make that decision?

Join this session and hear Ryan Danner Director, Global Marketing Planning & Financials at Red Hat, as he shares how their marketing organization overcame long planning cycles and complex data. And now is working to answer the question “where should we invest our next marketing dollar?”

You will learn how this $2B global software company uses people, process, and Marketing Performance Management technology to:

  • Gain control and visibility into their marketing investments, plans and budgets
  • Help marketing become a more strategic and trusted partner across the organization
  • Help set the stage for Predictive ROI

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