Built to Scale: Creating a Consistent Value Message across a Global Sales Team

Christen Perreault

Senior Manager, Customer Success, Allego

Chelsea Peedin

Program Manager, Red Hat

With a growing and geographically dispersed sales organization and an expanding product line, Red Hat faced the challenge of reaching 2,500 sellers globally and making an impact on absorption and retention of critical business information to drive sales performance. The company needed a centralized way to roll out corporate and product messaging to ensure sales could deliver consistent pitches and effectively articulate the business problems the company solves. Allego’s mobile video sales learning platform has allowed Red Hat to quickly get the most relevant information into the hands of salespeople, elevate coaching to a higher level, and improve sales performance.

This presentation will address:

  • How to impact sales performance by rolling out new messaging and developing relevant content that scales with a growing business
  • How to develop competent, confident, consultative sellers globally
  • How to facilitate better collaboration between departments during a new product release

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