Better Insights, Bigger Impact: How to Leverage your Data to Power your ABM Strategy

Shane Murphy

VP, Marketing, AdRoll

Paul Suway

Senior Marketing Manager, PagerDuty

Everyone is catching account-based marketing (ABM) fever, but few are using the best, high-quality data to inform their strategy. PagerDuty, a leading incident management platform for digital businesses, is an exception.

PagerDuty was looking to reach new audiences, gain more visibility into their customer journey, and align efforts with their sales team. Since utilizing AdRoll Retargeting, Prospecting, and ABM, PagerDuty has experienced three main benefits: finding new high-quality leads, identifying prospects who have been to their website but haven’t converted, and knowing how to most effectively grow their customers’ favorite products.

Join Paul Suway of PagerDuty and Shane Murphy of AdRoll as they explore the mindset, skillset, and dataset needed to build a successful ABM strategy. In this session, we’ll examine how PagerDuty used the AdRoll platform to gain greater visibility into their pipeline and better align sales and marketing, gleaning clearer insights into how to optimize their campaigns. Attendees will also learn how to use data to demonstrate the business impact that organizations can make when properly implementing ABM.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How PagerDuty centralized their customer data to successfully roll out ABM strategies across their organization
  • Data challenges with ABM—what impedes starting a program and how companies view their ability to use data strategically
  • Arming your sales team with the most actionable data to close deals
  • Using data to demonstrate the business impact that you can make when properly implementing ABM

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