How PGi’s Full Funnel Buyer Intelligence Activation Strategy Increased Win Rates, Deal Sizes and Pipeline Velocity

Kerry Trivers

Vice President of Marketing, PGi

All marketing and sales teams face the same issue – reaching the right buyer at the right time. But for companies in fiercely competitive spaces, that struggle is further intensified. Not only must these organizations reach buyers at a time when they’re in an active buying cycle, they must also reach them first – before they’re swarmed by the competition. Join PGi Vice President of Marketing Kerry Trivers as she shares how her team’s full funnel activation strategy allows them to recognize and capture intent early of the accounts they need to be targeting. Kerry will also share how to remove the guesswork of ABM by knowing precisely which companies to engage with to ensure impact on revenue and ROI. Learn how Kerry’s team increased pipeline velocity, win rates and deal sizes, witnessing a 37% faster time to close, incredible lift in win rates and 3x in the average deal size. In this session, you will hear:

  • How PGi has the ability to see active, in-market buyers, reach them at the right time and ultimately measure and attribute its success and impact
  • How technologies with shorter sales cycles require immediate insight into intent
  • Understand the evaluation criteria for their marketing stack

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