How Qlik Builds Confidence Between Marketing and Sales By Generating Pipeline That Converts to Revenue

Benjamin Lillie

Director of Global Marketing, Qlik

In the B2B universe, there’s no doubt that the cost of working a lead is constantly increasing. Ideally, those costs pay off and that lead converts, but historically, sales teams haven’t had any insight into who that next buyer is going to be and lack confidence in whether marketing’s leads will generate revenue. Join Qlik Director of Global Marketing Benjamin Lillie to hear how his team reevaluated their global lead scoring process to prioritize engaged leads and focus not just on profile, but the overall buying committee and whether or not an account is in-market. With full visibility into its buyers’ journeys, Qlik is able to avoid working dead-end leads and focus on generating pipeline and increasing customer acquisition. Benjamin will also share how his team leverages their own technology to display powerful data and visualize the ROI of a full funnel activation strategy. In this session, you will learn:

  • How demand intelligence has become critical for Qlik’s confidence in the leads marketing passes to sales
  • Why profile fit and single person engagement scores weren’t previously converting
  • How Qlik’s scoring is now aligned to its buyer’s needs and journeys
  • How predictive is more than just lead scoring

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