Performance-Based Marketing: How Demand Intelligence is Driving a New Era of Marketing

Carrie Palin

CMO, Box

The rise of the performance marketing model has driven marketers to focus more and more on being a meaningful and measurable contributor to the bottom line. Today’s performance marketers are tasked with the challenge of anticipating their customers’ demands, optimizing their execution model, and delivering ROI through meaningful and timely customer engagements – and must adopt the tools and approaches to enable success in this new world. Join Box CMO Carrie Palin for a discussion around the ways marketers can intelligently go after their prospects and what tools they must have in their arsenal to ensure they are able to reach them at the right time and ultimately measure and attribute marketing’s successes and impact back to revenue. For horizontal organizations similar to Box that can sell to anyone, determining who to target first based off behavioral intent is critical. Carrie will share the myriad of ways marketing can make their strategies smarter based off of analytics and visibility into needs, timing and engagement – from your demand gen to programmatic advertising to account-based everything. In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How achieving visibility into buyer needs and timing is making every aspect of marketing smarter
  • How to engage your customers with the right message at the right time thereby increasing conversion and engagement
  • How to justify marketing’s existence based on holistic data-driven approach that tracks through to closed-won

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