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Sales Strategy and Operations

Changes to the buyer’s journey, new sales technologies, changing workplace demographics and evolving business models all impact the structure, roles, responsibilities and skills needed by today’s b-to-b sales force. Sales executives and sales operations leaders are challenged with managing this evolution while continuing to achieve bookings and revenue goals. In this track, we discuss trends shaping the future of sales and show how leaders must adapt their techniques, processes, tools and intelligence programs to maintain a competitive edge through alignment and productivity for the sales organization.

“We continue to see markets, buyers and offerings change at an ever-increasing pace. To stay ahead of these changes, sales and sales operations leaders must have the right intelligence to make quick decisions, managers who are ready to drive those decisions out into the field, an organizational structure aligned to the needs of their buyers and productivity that’s maximized through a properly structured tech stack.”
Mark Levinson – Vice President and Group Director, Sales and Channel Services

You’re invited to join us at the Sales Leadership Exchange (SLE) at 2018 Summit! We’re bringing SLE to Vegas as part of Summit and SLE@Summit will feature triple the amount of sales-specific content than previous standalone SLE events. In addition to all of the sales-specific content available at 2018 Summit, SLE@Summit also includes an afternoon of golf and post-golf networking reception at Las Vegas’ legendary Bali Hai Golf Course. Check out all that SLE@Summit has to offer!

For additional networking with your peers, you’re invited to join our SiriusNetworking Breakfast for sales leaders on Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 a.m.

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  • The SiriusDecisions Sales Intelligence Model

    Wednesday, 1:50 pm Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Analysis and Intelligence, Sales Reporting

  • Sales Infrastructure: A Capabilities-Driven View of the Stack That Drives Growth

    Wednesday, 2:40 pm Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Sales Organizational Design and Investment, Sales Process and Infrastructure

  • Programs of the Year: Sales Strategy and Operations

    Thursday, 1:15 pm Session Focus: Operationalize

  • Sales Manager Productivity Model: Free Up Time So Managers Can Coach

    Thursday, 2:10 pm Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Sales Productivity, Sales Productivity Analysis

  • SiriusLab: Selecting the Right Sales Organizational Structure

    Thursday, 3:00 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Sales Organizational Design and Investment


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