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Portfolio Marketing

As b-to-b organizations go through product-to-audience transformations, portfolio marketing is the function that initiates much of the change. Regardless of the offerings or segments in play, portfolio marketers shoulder responsibility for leveraging buyer personas, creating messaging that resonates, taking a strategic approach to launch and closing knowledge gaps in the sales force. In this track, we share key approaches to enable portfolio marketing leaders and practitioners to interlock across functions and deliver value to the business.

“Portfolio marketers play a huge role in the success of downstream marketing and sales programs. The work they do on personas and buyer insights, audience-centric messaging, strategic launches, and closing sales knowledge gaps can be the difference between achieving or not achieving goals. Join SiriusDecisions experts and portfolio marketing peers as we discuss best practices for managing these priorities to grow your business.”
Christina McKeon – Service Director, Portfolio Marketing

For additional networking with your peers, you’re invited to join our SiriusNetworking Breakfast for portfolio marketers on Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 a.m.

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  • Advanced Messaging Applications

    Wednesday, 1:50 pm Session Focus: Optimize Session Priority: Portfolio Messaging and Content

  • Closing Sales Knowledge Gaps

    Wednesday, 2:40 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Ongoing Learning and Development, Sales Knowledge Transfer

  • Activating Persona and Buyer Insights for Demand Creation

    Thursday, 1:15 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Demand Program Deliver Mechanisms, Personas and Buyer Insights

  • SiriusLab: Launch Plan on a Page

    Thursday, 2:10 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Bringing Offerings to Market

  • Programs of the Year: Portfolio Marketing

    Thursday, 3:00 pm Session Focus: Operationalize


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