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Marketing Strategy and Operations

Today’s marketing leader must blend strategy and operational excellence to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex and data-driven environment. Success requires the entire marketing leadership team to understand how business objectives drive marketing initiatives and how those initiatives in turn leverage technology, data and supporting processes to be effective. In this track, we demonstrate how to define business-aligned go-to-market initiatives and support them with the data architecture needed to operationalize the Demand Unit Waterfall, a technology stack tuned to the key operational processes of the marketing organization, and a reporting engine capable of supporting it all.

“Today’s marketing leaders must balance strategy, planning and increasingly complex operational challenges to establish and run an effective marketing function. The best b-to-b marketing leaders combine this with powerful communication skills to form and run high-performing organizations. Join us for marketing strategy and operations sessions that will give you the ability to operationalize marketing plans, technology, data and performance measurements to positively transform your marketing organization.”
Cristina De Martini – Research Director, Marketing Operations Strategies

For additional networking with your peers, you’re invited to join our SiriusNetworking Breakfast for marketing leaders on Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 a.m.

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  • Naked and Afraid: Rationalizing Confusing Goals to Pinpoint Marketing’s Impact

    Wednesday, 1:50 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Marketing Reporting and Measurement

  • Programs of the Year: Marketing Strategy and Operations

    Wednesday, 2:40 pm Session Focus: Operationalize

  • Marketing Infrastructure: A Capabilities-Driven View of the Stack That Drives Growth

    Thursday, 1:15 pm Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Marketing Infrastructure

  • Demand Unit Waterfall®: The Data Model

    Thursday, 2:10 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Marketing Data Management

  • SiriusLab: Building a Campaign Plan on a Page

    Thursday, 3:00 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Marketing Planning and Budgeting


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