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Brand and communications leaders play a critical role in b-to-b marketing and sales success by helping to forge a meaningful corporate identity that distinguishes the organization from competitors and engages key audiences. Whether it’s through the development of crisp corporate messaging, thought leadership, third-party influencers or innovative brand activation strategies, brand and communications expertise has never been more pivotal. In this track, we’ll share fresh ideas on how brand and communications leaders can drive change, leverage digital media and technologies for measurable results, and build the most effective and scalable audience-centric influencer strategies.

“This year’s Summit offers an unprecedented amount of content for brand and communications leaders. Attendees will gain an understanding of the virtuous cycle around brand and customer experience, activating brands in the digital age, the role of communications in business transformation, and the must-have technologies in the modern communications tech stack. We’ll also have SiriusDecisions clients sharing their stories and best practices.”
Julie Ogilvie – Service Director, Brand and Communications Strategies

For additional networking with your peers, you’re invited to join our SiriusNetworking Breakfast for brand and communications leaders on Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 a.m.

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  • Brand Activation and Measurement in the Digital Age

    Wednesday, 1:50 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Brand Experience, Marketing Impact

  • Programs of the Year: Brand and Communication

    Wednesday, 2:40 pm Session Focus: Operationalize

  • Business Transformation: Implications for Brand and Communications

    Thursday, 1:15 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Brand Experience, Corporate Communications, Employee And Executive Communications, Marketing Transformation

  • SiriusLab: Prioritizing Third-Party Influencers Using the SiriusDecisions Influencer Scorecard

    Thursday, 2:10 pm Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Corporate Communications

  • Brand and Communications Infrastructure: A Capabilities-Driven View of the Stack That Drives Growth

    Thursday, 3:00 pm Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Brand and Communications Functional Design and Development


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