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Account-Based Marketing

For account-based marketing (ABM) to avoid being a flavor of the month and maintain a permanent place in b-to-b strategy, organizations must adapt and expand the value ABM delivers. This means account-based marketers must become true and equal partners to the sales organization, be held accountable for their numbers and be masters of the tools that drive growth success. In this track, we provide account-based marketers with insights, tools, frameworks and client examples to enable the evolution of their ABM program.

“I’m really excited about the account-based marketing (ABM) track this year. We’ll be talking about what great marketing and sales alignment looks like throughout the various stages of ABM. We’ll demonstrate how to build account-centric plans around demand units, and we’ll offer a lab focused on ABM measurement. And, of course, we’ll once again be featuring some award-winning client examples with the ABM Program of the Year awards.”
Matt Senatore – Service Director, Account-Based Marketing

For additional networking with your peers, you’re invited to join our SiriusNetworking Breakfast for account-based marketers on Thursday, May 10th at 7:30 a.m.

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