Sirius Keynote Sessions

SiriusDecisions helps b-to-b organizations grow through the alignment of their revenue-producing functions: sales, marketing and product. To do this, we prescribe highly actionable models and frameworks that address business problems experienced in the pursuit of this growth.

At Summit, you’ll find three types of sessions that will help you address one (or more) of these business problems, tailored to the stage that you’re in. They include:

  • Adopt. These sessions will introduce a new model or framework that has been built to address an emerging growth-related issue, or to better address an existing one. Adopt sessions define the business issue, dig into the specifics of the model or framework, and give you the evidence you need to justify its implementation to address a particular issue.
  • Operationalize. These sessions provide a detailed look at how best to implement our models including best practices, advice, tools and templates to speed model implementation.
  • Optimize. These sessions focus on the next generation of a model or framework, extensions to models, and how multiple models can work together. If your organization has already implemented the Demand Waterfall, the PMM Model, the Channel Program Model or many more, what’s next in order to broaden and deepen the model’s impact?

Each session is coded as focusing on one (or two) types. This will help you tailor your Summit experience to include a perfect mix of new ideas and best practices and tips for issues you are already addressing.

The Next-Generation Demand Waterfall®

Kerry Cunningham

Presenters: Kerry CunninghamTerry Flaherty

In b-to-b, the SiriusDecisions Demand Waterfall® is recognized as the standard for measuring the health of demand creation and demand management processes. Since the Demand Waterfall® was rearchitected five years ago, demand creation strategies and supporting technologies have continued to evolve rapidly. As a result, it is time once again to evolve this iconic model to provide b-to-b organizations deeper insight and enhanced visibility into demand creation performance. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Terry Flaherty

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Discover how the Demand Waterfall® is changing to accommodate a more account-centric approach to demand creation and demand management
  • Understand how advanced analytics is providing a high-resolution view of which prospects are in-market, and how this changes the measurement of an organization’s demand creation process
  • Learn how to measure the progress of demand creation in multi-solution, multiple buying center environments
  • See how to account for customer marketing and selling within the Demand Waterfall®

B-to-B Alignment: An Executive Conversation

John Neeson

Moderator: John Neeson

Getting a b-to-b organization’s revenue engine – sales, marketing and product – working better isn’t easy, but it’s a proven way of driving increased revenue and profitability. What aspects of alignment do senior executives prioritize, what struggles do they have, and how does the achievement of alignment change their discourse with boards of directors and investors? This panel discussion will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Learn about the importance that C-suite executives place on improved alignment across their sales, marketing and product functions
  • Understand which aspects of alignment are becoming more – and less – important to executives and boards

Your Revenue Engine: Built for Speed, or About to Break Down?

Phil Harrell

Presenters: Phil HarrellTony Jaros

Your organization hit its number last quarter; time to celebrate, right? Don’t uncork the champagne just yet, as there may be big problems lurking. Eventually, every company reaches a point where the revenue engine it has built falters under the pressure of continued growth expectations, or is simply no longer optimized to produce the best possible results. How do you know when that point is coming, and what should be done about it? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Tony Jaros

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Understand the components of the SiriusDecisions Revenue Optimization Framework, a model for diagnosing the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s end-to-end revenue engine
  • Learn how to tune the dials of your engine based on vulnerabilities revealed by our diagnostic
  • See why “making the number” isn’t good enough if your organization had an opportunity to beat its targets but failed to do so

Building the Aligned, Accountable B-to-B Organization

Jay Gaines

Presenters: Jay GainesMegan Heuer

Leaders who consistently exceed their growth targets know that the one of the biggest keys to doing so is accountability. Specifically, sales, marketing and product teams must bear responsibility for specific contributions, and their goals must be tracked in a way that is both transparent and accurate. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Megan Heuer

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Understand the dimensions of functional accountability in b-to-b, and learn how to set the right functional targets
  • See how the SiriusDecisions Command Center helps sales, marketing and product leaders maintain a culture of accountability that encourages teams to deliver consistent results
  • Learn which cross-functional ratios help to build bridges between sales, marketing and product leaders, and how these ratios should be calculated and tracked

Is Your Organization as Good at Demand Creation as You Think?

Monica Behncke

Presenters: Monica BehnckeGil Canare

When it comes to b-to-b demand creation, we often hear “We’re good – our MAP is up and integrated with our SFA, we’ve got drip nurture programs, visibility into our Demand Waterfall and a decent Web site.” Is the work done? Can you truly call it a day? Not if you intend to maintain any kind of competitive advantage. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Gil Canare

For sales and marketing:

  • Understand how the demand relationship between sales and marketing continues to evolve, and what truly “advanced” organizations are doing to respond
  • Learn how to create a roadmap for continued evolution of your demand engine, no matter what your starting point

The SiriusDecisions Sales Operating Model: A High-Performance Blueprint

Phil Harrell

Presenters: Phil HarrellMark B. Levinson

B-to-b sales organizations trying to build a blueprint to accelerate growth often take a top-down or siloed approach, leaving them with a sales function that is far from optimized. Many leaders don’t have a clear picture of what steps and elements are required to drive a successful go-to-market strategy or which sub-functions should be accountable for planning, executing or optimizing each element of it. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Mark B. Levinson

For sales:

  • Gain key insights into the planning, measurement, enablement, reporting and resources needed to drive a high-performing sales organization
  • Understand the synergies that must occur across leadership, operations and enablement roles to create an aligned sales ecosystem

For marketing:

  • Learn how sales leaders who map a comprehensive approach to engaging buyers and customers require marketing alignment to be successful
  • See examples of how the Sales Program Model can provide intelligence about which marketing initiatives should be prioritized

For product:

  • Get a sales readiness checklist that defines product management requirements for driving sales alignment
  • View a blueprint that improves product leaders’ understanding of the overall sales strategy and helps identify where and how they can better align

Put a Ring on It: The SiriusDecisions Customer Engagement Model

Megan Heuer

Presenters: Megan HeuerLisa Nakano

B-to-b customers often expect their suppliers to forge a strong relationship with them, but the term “customer experience” is so broad and overused that it often generates more questions than it answers. “Customer engagement” is the more practical term for what companies need to do, building on a foundation of internal alignment, processes, skills and measurement. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

Lisa Nakano

For sales, marketing and product:

  • See the latest evidence that supports tight alignment of an organization in the service of profitable customer engagement
  • Understand SiriusDecisions’ new model focused on customer engagement, which will help optimize organizational investment, strategy and delivery

Product-to-Audience Transformation: Making It Happen

Presenters: Marisa Kopec, Ross Graber

Evolving from a go-to-market approach built around products to one focused on audiences is required to create buyer-centricity, but how do you do it? Years of entrenched corporate structures and processes – everything from campaign planning to results measurement – have been set up in direct opposition to this approach. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales, marketing and product:

  • Understand how to operationalize SiriusDecisions’ audience-based Go-to-Market Architecture Model through marketing and sales execution, with particular focus on campaign design
  • Get a best-in-class, end-to-end, intra-marketing workflow process that is required to actualize audience-based campaigns and messaging strategies
  • Learn how to set up measurement to understand and demonstrate the impact of audience-centric marketing efforts