Sirius Keynote Sessions

SiriusDecisions helps b-to-b organizations grow through the alignment of their revenue-producing functions: sales, marketing and product. To do this, we prescribe highly actionable models and frameworks that address business problems experienced in the pursuit of this growth.

At Summit, you’ll find three types of sessions that will help you address one (or more) of these business problems, tailored to the stage that you’re in. They include:

  • Adopt. These sessions will introduce a new model or framework that has been built to address an emerging growth-related issue, or to better address an existing one. Adopt sessions define the business issue, dig into the specifics of the model or framework, and give you the evidence you need to justify its implementation to address a particular issue.
  • Operationalize. These sessions provide a detailed look at how best to implement our models including best practices, advice, tools and templates to speed model implementation.
  • Optimize. These sessions focus on the next generation of a model or framework, extensions to models, and how multiple models can work together. If your organization has already implemented the Demand Waterfall, the PMM Model, the Channel Program Model or many more, what’s next in order to broaden and deepen the model’s impact?

Each session is coded as focusing on one (or two) types. This will help you tailor your Summit experience to include a perfect mix of new ideas and best practices and tips for issues you are already addressing.

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  • Building An Inspiring Brand Through Customer Engagement

    Wednesday, 9:05 am Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Brand Experience, Customer Lifecycle And Retention, Employee And Executive Communications

  • Building the (Artificially) Intelligent Revenue Engine

    Wednesday, 11:15 am Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Marketing Strategy and Investment, Sales Strategy

  • Stronger Together: Aligning Sales and Marketing Planning

    Thursday, 9:15 am Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Marketing Planning and Budgeting, Sales Planning

  • Nurture in a Demand Unit Waterfall® World

    Thursday, 10:45 am Session Focus: Operationalize Session Priority: Demand Programs

  • Digital Transformation: What Does It Mean, And What Must B-to-B Leaders Do To Make It Successful?

    Thursday, 4:50 pm Session Focus: Adopt Session Priority: Marketing Strategy and Investment, Sales Strategy