Track Sessions

Demand Creation Execution

During the last 10 years, marketing has moved squarely into the critical path of revenue creation. Excellence in demand creation execution is often the difference between marketing making a strong impact on pipeline or being viewed as a cost center. Getting to excellence involves identifying challenges and opportunities and being skilled in delivery. In this track, we will share best practices for operationalizing and optimizing demand creation and account-based marketing activities.

Program and Tactic Diagnostics: Optimize or Terminate?

Presenters: Jen Horton, Jonathan Tam

“Is it working?” is a common question asked by demand creation program and tactic owners. In order to answer, organizations must identify patterns to determine where opportunities for optimization exist in targeting and segmentation, tactic relevance and execution, and the overall impact on Demand Waterfall® performance. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Understand how to approach analyzing, diagnosing and determining an optimization or termination path for demand creation programs and tactics
  • Learn why building agility into the program implementation process is all about starting smaller in scope and allowing data and insights to shape the evolution of the program
  • Get insights on how to establish a data-driven culture that embraces testing and optimization and minimizes the fear of failure

The Science of Cross-Sell and Upsell

Presenters: Kerry Cunningham, Bob Peterson

For something as fundamental in b-to-b as cross-selling and upselling, few organizations do it well. Companies often miss opportunities because they lack clarity around roles and responsibilities, fail to target the right products to the right customers at the right time, or simply jump to tactical execution without fully understanding the overarching strategy for cross-sell/upsell. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • Understand how a more structured approach to cross-selling and upselling supports growth in existing accounts
  • Learn how insights from advanced analytics are enabling more effective cross-selling and upselling

For marketing:

  • Gain clarity about what role marketing should play in supporting cross-sell and upsell strategies
  • Learn how companies are using predictive technologies to optimize cross-sell and upsell efforts

Powering Demand Through Privacy and Preference Management

Presenters: Julian Archer, Isabel Montesdeoca

When it comes to data privacy regulations, most b-to-b executives are asking “What are they?”, “Where do they apply?”, “How do they affect me?” and “What fines do companies face?” This heightened focus on the rules, however, risks obscuring what lies at the heart of data privacy regulations: prospects and protecting their personal information. As marketers, tele and sales reps, we are all reliant on personal data to drive better demand creation performance, and if we want to continue to drive growth, we must shift our focus onto winning and retaining prospect opt-ins with every interaction. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing and sales:

  • Learn about data privacy regulations in place today around the globe and the impact they are having on demand creation activities
  • Understand the full scope of what is considered personal data within the context of data privacy to enable you to catalog the prospect data you store and leverage today
  • See how a preference management strategy can help you move beyond regulatory compliance toward prospect-driven personalization, resulting in higher prospect engagement and satisfaction

Programs of the Year: Demand Creation and Account-Based Marketing

Facilitators: Laura Cross, Bob Peterson

The one question that SiriusDecisions analysts get most often from our clients is: Can you show me an example of someone who’s doing “X” the best? Interactions with hundreds of companies and thousands of seatholders allow us not only to answer the question in the moment, but also to bring examples to our Summit attendees in a series of sessions we call Programs of the Year. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • See which demand creation programs our analysts have chosen as best-in-class
  • Hear from the clients who developed these programs, who this year will present their own winning stories

Next-Generation B-to-B E-Commerce

Presenters: Gil Canare, Jeff Lash

E-commerce began simply as a channel for selling products that a company already had. Its next generation, however, involves looking at e-commerce as a transformational business model that can maximize growth. It represents a major shift in the way products are developed, brought to market and sold, requiring sales, marketing and product leaders to embrace new approaches, processes and competencies. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For sales:

  • See how e-commerce can be used to help qualify leads and drive larger sales
  • Understand the role of e-commerce in servicing low-value, repetitive tasks, freeing up salespeople to focus on bigger opportunities

For marketing:

  • Learn how to work with sales and product to create an optimal next-generation e-commerce product and service offering
  • Identify the competencies, processes and technology changes needed for marketing to execute on next-generation e-commerce

For product:

  • Understand the characteristics of successful products that are designed specifically for e-commerce
  • Identify how next-generation e-commerce impacts product definition, requirements and design