Track Sessions


The role of the modern communications function is to build and steward a strong brand reputation that acts as a competitive advantage in selling situations, and positions the company for success with investors and other key stakeholders. Strategic communications functions achieve this objective through brand initiatives that engage buyers directly, as well as through influencer outreach and advocacy programs. In this track, we unveil a best-in-class process for building high-impact corporate messaging, and hear directly from real world practitioners sharing best practice communications examples.

Introducing the SiriusDecisions Corporate Messaging NautilusTM

Presenters: Erin Provey, Julie Ogilvie

In 2014 we introduced the SiriusDecisions Messaging Nautilus – a scalable approach to b-to-b messaging designed to create audience-centric messaging at the offering level. Three years later, we use the Nautilus as the basis for a new methodology that connects the dots between offering messaging, industry trends and company vision to provide a durable, adaptable brand narrative that drives business impact. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • Discover a step-by-step approach to corporate messaging and brand narrative development that links corporate vision and values with key audience needs
  • Understand how to build a stronger alignment between corporate and portfolio messages, effectively creating a halo of corporate trust for offerings
  • Take home a simple template for bringing together key messages and brand narrative on a single page, simplifying communications and enabling content creators

Programs of the Year: Integrated Communications

Facilitator: Julie Ogilvie

The one question that SiriusDecisions analysts get most often from our clients is: Can you show me an example of someone who’s doing “X” the best? Interactions with hundreds of companies and thousands of seatholders allow us not only to answer the question in the moment, but also to bring examples to our Summit attendees in a series of sessions we call Programs of the Year. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • See which communications programs our analysts have chosen as best-in-class
  • Hear from the clients who developed these programs, who this year will present their own winning stories