Track Sessions

Channel Marketing and Sales

Faced with stiff competition to capture and maintain partner mindshare, suppliers need to disrupt the status quo, improve partner experience and meet increasing channel growth expectations. In this track, we will share a variety of strategies, best-of-breed frameworks and best practices to help channel leaders transform the way they manage and grow successful partnerships.

Programs of the Year: Third-Party Channels

Facilitator: Eileen Corrigan

The one question that SiriusDecisions analysts get most often from our clients is: Can you show me an example of someone who’s doing “X” the best? Interactions with hundreds of companies and thousands of seatholders allow us not only to answer the question in the moment, but also to bring examples to our Summit attendees in a series of sessions we call Programs of the Year. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For channel marketing and sales:

  • See which channel programs our analysts have chosen as best-in-class
  • Hear from the clients who developed these programs, who this year will present their own winning stories

The SiriusDecisions Channel Partner Segmentation Model

Presenter: Stephanie Sissler

With pressure to do more with less, it is common practice to focus organizational resources on the top 20 percent of channel partners that are driving 80 percent of the revenue. But just because a partner was a rock star in the past, does that mean it will continue to produce at that level in the future? What about the emerging superstars that may be sitting in the bottom 80 percent, just waiting for some attention? This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For channel sales and marketing:

  • Gain insights on the tradeoffs of over-investing in top partners and the tangible benefits of identifying and focusing on partners with the highest growth potential
  • Understand SiriusDecisions’ new structured, objective methodology for assessing and segmenting partners by growth potential and how to apply that insight to developing a prescriptive engagement approach for each group
  • Hear challenges and successes experienced by other suppliers in different stages of deploying a more structured, rigorous partner segmentation strategy

Partner Enablement: Building Fluency in B-t0-B Channels

Presenters: Maria Chien, Angela Leech

In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving marketplace, suppliers must find more effective ways to provide channel partners with the knowledge, skills and processes they need to successfully market and sell offerings. In addition, assessing partners’ current level of mastery of desired competencies is equally critical. This presentation will provide the following benefits:

For marketing:

  • See a new SiriusDecisions framework for meeting the varying enablement requirements of partners to improve readiness and increase productivity
  • Learn a new approach to partner enablement assessment and design that can be applied across partner sales models, personas and lifecycle stages

For sales:

  • Understand the interlock that is required between sales enablement and channel marketing to drive channel sales revenue goals
  • Get insights into key requirements for sales to inform and support partner enablement initiatives and desired outcomes