Analyst Picks: Sales Enablement Leader

The sales enablement leader develops and disseminates selling tools, collateral and training to drive rep productivity. Heather Cole, service director for Sales Enablement Strategies, hand-selected these sessions to provide sales enablement leaders with the tools they need to optimize their reps’ interactions.

See Heather’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

Wednesday, May 17 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
3:40 pm Sales Enablement Functional Design: One Size Never Fits All AdoptHeather Cole, Nancy Maluso
4:30 pm Enablement: Building Fluency in B-to-B Channels Adopt, OperationalizeAngela Leech, Maria Chien
Thursday, May 18 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:10 pm Programs of the Year: Sales Operationalize, OptimizePeter Zink
2:00 pm Long-Term Competency in a Short-Term World: Building Skills That Last Adopt, OperationalizeAmanda Jensen, Heather Cole
2:50 pm The SiriusDecisions Sales Knowledge Transfer Framework AdoptChristina McKeon, Peter Ostrow