TOP TRACK PICKS FOR THE Sales Enablement Leader

The sales enablement leader develops and disseminates selling tools, collateral and training to drive rep productivity. These sessions are hand-selected by our service director, Heather Cole, to provide sales enablement leaders with the insights they need to optimize every interaction between members of your sales team.

See Heather’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

Wednesday, May 25 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:30 pm Winning the War for Top Sales Talent AdoptHeather Cole
1:30 pm Solving the Content ROI Conundrum OperationalizeRoss Graber
2:20 pm Sales Operations: The Function Evolves Adopt, OperationalizeDana Therrien, J. Steven Silver
2:20 pm Building a Best-in-Class Sales Presentation Adopt, OperationalizeChristina McKeon
Thursday, May 26 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:00 pm Sales Enablement Programs of the Year Operationalize, OptimizePeter Zink
1:50 pm Sales Compensation Plan Design and Assessment: A Guided Approach Adopt, OperationalizeDana Therrien
2:40 pm Assessing Execution and Impact of Sales Onboarding Operationalize, OptimizeMark Levinson