TOP TRACK PICKS FOR THE Marketing Operations Leader

The marketing operations leader drives reporting and analytics to show marketing effectiveness and improve performance. These sessions are hand-selected by our service director, Craig Moore, to provide marketing operations leaders with the insights and strategies they need in today’s data-driven and highly accountable marketing organizations.

See Craig’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

Wednesday, May 25 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:30 pm The 360-Degree View of Marketing Data: Are we There Yet? OperationalizeJohn Donlon
1:30 pm Solving the Content ROI Conundrum OperationalizeRoss Graber
2:20 pm Sales Operations: The Function Evolves Adopt, OperationalizeDana Therrien, J. Steven Silver
2:20 pm Making Sense of Marketing Organizational Models AdoptJay Gaines, Jennifer Baker
Thursday, May 26 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:00 pm Aligning on Growth: Divergence to Convergence AdoptAlan Gonsenhauser, Craig Moore, Jennifer Ross
1:00 pm Diagnosing the Demand Waterfall® (Demand Waterfall® Model and Diagnostics Tool) OperationalizeDawn Ferrara, Terry Flaherty
1:50 pm The Anatomy of a B-to-B Marketing Plan OperationalizeCraig Moore, Marcia Trask
1:50 pm Regional Demand Centers: Construction and Operation OperationalizeIsabel Montesdeoca, Meta Karagianni
2:40 pm Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Marketing Decisionmaking OptimizeKerry Cunningham, Mike Raimondi
2:40 pm Campaign Planning: Taking a Data-Driven Approach (Marketing Contribution Framework Tool) OperationalizeCraig Moore, Nick Buck