Analyst Picks: Emerging Growth Perspective

Marketing leaders at emerging companies must plan and execute marketing strategies and activities that operationalize demand creation to support rapid growth. Matt Papertsian, service director for Emerging Growth Strategies has hand-selected these sessions to provide marketing leaders with the insights, processes and tools they need to scale their business.

See Matt’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

Wednesday, May 17 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
3:40 pm Marketing Enablement: The Most Critical Function You Don’t Have Adopt, OperationalizeJennifer Ross, Marcia Trask
3:40 pm Program and Tactic Diagnostics: Optimize or Terminate? OptimizeJen Horton, Jonathan Tam
4:30 pm The Science of Cross-Sell and Upsell Operationalize, OptimizeBob Peterson, Kerry Cunningham
4:30 pm Making Personas Personal: SiriusDecisions Buyer Insights 2017 OptimizeCarrie Rediker, Cristina De Martini
Thursday, May 18 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:10 pm Lead Scoring: Marketing Automation-Based, or Predictive? Operationalize, OptimizeErin Bohlin, Laura Cross
1:10 pm Product Strategy on a Page: Possible, and Practical AdoptJeff Lash
2:00 pm Programs of the Year: Demand Creation Operationalize, OptimizeBob Peterson, Laura Cross
2:00 pm Sidestepping Misdirection: Conducting an Effective Business Review OperationalizeCraig Moore, Meta Karagianni
2:50 pm Effective Demand Creation Program Planning and Execution Adopt, OperationalizeCarrie Rediker, Jen Horton
2:50 pm The Anatomy of an Emerging-Company Marketing Plan Adopt, OperationalizeBarbie Mattie, Matt Papertsian