Analyst Picks: Customer Engagement Leader

The customer engagement leader is responsible for strengthening customer satisfaction and loyalty through effective customer experience for all products and services. Lisa Nakano, service director for Customer Engagement Strategies, hand-selected these sessions to provide customer engagement leaders with insights on maximizing retention and driving revenue growth.

See Lisa’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

Wednesday, May 17 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
3:40 pm Account-Based Marketing: What the Future Holds OptimizeMatt Senatore, Nicky Briggs
3:40 pm Marketing Enablement: The Most Critical Function You Don’t Have Adopt, OperationalizeJennifer Ross, Marcia Trask
4:30 pm The Science of Cross-Sell and Upsell Operationalize, OptimizeBob Peterson, Kerry Cunningham
4:30 pm Product-to-Audience Transformation: Making It Happen OperationalizeMarisa Kopec, Ross Graber
4:30 pm Making Personas Personal: SiriusDecisions Buyer Insights 2017 OptimizeCarrie Rediker, Cristina De Martini
4:30 pm Optimizing the Customer Engagement Process Command CenterDawn Ferrara
Thursday, May 18 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:10 pm Messaging Nautilus: The Post-Sale Edition AdoptAlisa Groocock, Rachel Young
1:10 pm Product Strategy on a Page: Possible, and Practical AdoptJeff Lash
2:00 pm Long-Term Competency in a Short-Term World: Building Skills That Last Adopt, OperationalizeAmanda Jensen, Heather Cole
2:00 pm Introducing the SiriusDecisions Corporate Messaging Nautilus™ AdoptJulie Ogilvie, Phyllis Davidson
2:00 pm Functional Design for Post-Sale Engagement: What’s In and Out? Adopt, OperationalizeLisa Nakano
2:50 pm Programs of the Year: Customer Engagement Operationalize, OptimizeMelissa Archambault
2:50 pm Preparing for the CEO Conversation Command CenterIan Savage, Nick Buck
4:00 pm Extending Personas into the Post-Sale Customer Lifecycle Model/FrameworkKristin Farwell