Analyst Picks: Content Leader

The content leader ensures that the organization’s corporate initiatives are fueled by fresh, relevant and effective content that is easily accessible to sales. Erin Provey, service director for Strategic Communications Management, hand-selected these sessions to provide content leaders with the tools they need to facilitate alignment and efficiency, as well as content strategy best practices and insights.

See Erin’s recommended track sessions below, and click here to view full session details.

Wednesday, May 17 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
3:40 pm How to Build a Content Measurement Dashboard Adopt, OperationalizeChristine Polewarczyk, Erin Provey
4:30 pm Programs of the Year: Content Strategy and Operations Operationalize, OptimizeChristine Polewarczyk
Thursday, May 18 Session: Focus:Presenter(s):
1:10 pm Powering Demand Through Privacy and Preference Management Adopt, OperationalizeIsabel Montesdeoca, Julian Archer
2:00 pm Introducing the SiriusDecisions Corporate Messaging Nautilus™ AdoptJulie Ogilvie, Phyllis Davidson
2:50 pm The SiriusDecisions Sales Knowledge Transfer Framework AdoptChristina McKeon, Peter Ostrow